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Harry decides to get back into the music business after 6 years in the film industry and assembles a band that opened for his brothers band, The Chapins. They rented out The Village Gate in Greenwich Village and filled the place with friends and family when they believed a music critic or record company executive might be in attendance. From those performances at the Village Gate, Harry was able to sign a record deal with Jac Holzman of Elektra after a bidding war with Clive Davis of Columbia.

Tom Chapin lands a job as host of Make a Wish. Tom and Steve Chapin continue to perform as the The Chapins.

Day by Day


  • 22 - Harry forms his four piece band with childhood friend John Wallace on bass, Ron Palmer on guitar, and Tim Scott on cello. Ron and Tim joined the band by responding to a newspaper ad. John is a childhood friend of Harry's.
  • 29 - The newly formed band performs their first show at the Village Gate.


  • 24 - The New York Times favorably reviews Harry's performance at the Village Gate.[1]
  • 25 - The New York Times interviews the Chapin's in a piece that covers the history of the band members. [2]

Harry Chapin performances

Date Venue Location Additional information
May/June Village Gate[2] New York Weekend performance backing up his brothers band
June 29-August 8 Village Gate[2] New York Every night except Monday


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