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Ron Palmer is an American guitar player. Ron is best known as a member of the Harry Chapin band. He was Harry's first lead guitarist and was with the band from 1971-1974. In concert, Ron often sang a couple of very short songs begin with "Experience" or "Lesson" and followed by a number. These short songs finished with a bawdy punch line. Ron left the band as Harry embarked on what turned out to be a short run on Broadway with his musical The Night That Made America Famous. Once Harry went back on tour, Doug Walker from the musical joined the band.

Ron performed on Harry's first three albums. He and Big John Wallace were replaced by studio musicians for the 1974 Verities and Balderdash album.

In 2000, Ron released an self-produced instrumental recording of guitar tunes, Pigeon Hill Suite.

Currently, Ron can be seen performing with Mark Sherwood in upstate New York. In 2007, Palmer and Sherwood released the CD Launch.

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