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Steve Chapin is an American musician. Steve is the younger brother of Harry Chapin and Tom Chapin. Steve performed with Harry for much of his solo career, joining the band on a regular basis in 1975 and earlier in the studio. Steve formed The Steve Chapin Band after Harry's passing. They continue to perform, both as themselves sometimes as part of the The Chapin Family lineup. In the summer, Steve and wife Angela also run Ovens Natural Park in Nova Scotia, Canada. Ovens Park hosts the annual Chapin Music Weekend in mid-August.

Steve attended Clarkson College in 1968. One of his lecturers was future filmmaker Wes Craven. A few years later Steve and David Hess scored Craven's first film, Last House on the Left.


Albums (as featured performer)

Year Album Category Label Format(s) Additional information
1966 Chapin Music! Studio Rock-Land Records LP As part of The Chapin Brothers
1990 Chapter 11 Rag Studio Cassette
1991 1991 Steve Chapin Demo Studio Cassette
2001 Fool's Gold Live CD Great Songs of the 30's and 40's
2005 The Chapin Family Christmas Collection: Volume II Studio Roseville Records CD as part of The Chapin Family
2006 Harry Chapin: A Celebration in Song: Volume I Live Sundance Music CD as part of The Chapin Family
2008 It's Our Lighthouse and Endless Thing Studio Roseville Records CD with Jen Chapin
2009 Welcome to My World Studio Roseville Records CD Children's Christian album

Albums (in Harry Chapin's band) - partial list

Year Album Role Additional information
1972 Heads and Tales keyboards and recorder


Year Songs Label Format(s) Country Additional information
1966 Breathe/Someone Keeps Calling My Name Rock-Land RR663 Vinyl 7" US with The Chapin Brothers
1966 Old Time Movies/Not Your Kind Rock-Land Vinyl 7" US with The Chapin Brothers
1966 Old Time Movies/The Swinging Group Rock-Land 664A Vinyl 7" US with The Chapin Brothers
circa 1970 Workin' on My Life stereo/mono Epic ZSS 154263 Vinyl 7" US with The Chapins

TV and movie credits (partial)

Year Title Credit/Role Additional information
1972 The Last House on the Left soundtrack with David Hess

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